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Webinar for OSCE Academy Alumni: Digital Tools and Challenges Amid the Pandemic

The way we work, learn and socialize has changed overnight amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This rapid change brought about an uneven distribution of challenges and opportunities, given the global digital- and other divides, and inequalities. In many spheres, practices that seemed futuristic turned into everyday reality. Are these measures temporary or are they here to stay? What are some of the important security, infrastructural and behavioural issues that require our immediate attention? In this interactive workshop, we will address security challenges related to the shift of everyday realities into the digital domain. We will explore different domains, including state-citizen and citizen-to-citizen relations amid these global transformations. We will cover issues of privacy and surveillance, and will assess our ‘digital twins’. Participants will be invited to critically reflect on current developments in their respective communities while also allowing themselves to creatively approach future scenarios. The workshop aims to broaden theoretical perspectives and practical approaches of participants while empowering and encouraging them to generate new strategic knowledge.

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