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Academic publications


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       Make Good Neighbors?” Central Asia Security Policy Brief №14. OSCE Academy;


Publications meant for a broad audience
  1. Gabdulhakov, R. Why likes and shares can cost you freedom in Russia. (23 November 2020).

  2. Gabdulhakov, R. The Avengers vs the Orcs: Social media nuances in Kyrgyzstan's (almost) third revolution. Oxus Society. (2020).

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  4. Gabdulhakov, R. Digital vigilan…what? Why and how I study online citizen-led justice. (Blog). IBCoMagazine. (Available: 7 June 2020).

  5. Gabdulhakov, R. The FRRESH Take on Summer Schools. (Blog). ERMeCC PhD Club. (Available: 11 September 2019).

  6. Gabdulhakov, R. A weapon in our hands or to our heads? (Blog). ERMeCC PhD Club. (Available: 5 July 2019).

  7. Gabdulhakov, R. Two PhD Candidates team up to publish a paper. (Blog). ERMeCC PhD Club. (Available: 8 April 2019).

  8. Gabdulhakov, R.Collaboration with external partners: Why? How? What are the consequences? (Blog). ERMeCC PhD Club. (Available: 27 March 2019).

  9. Gabdulhakov, R. Citizen-led justice? (Blog). Surveillance & Society. (Available: 22 October 2018)

  10. Gabdulhakov, R. This train does not go to Rotterdam, or how to travel from Kyrgyzstan to the Netherlands by rail. (blog). ERMeCC PhD Club. (Available: 24 September 2018).

  11. Gabdulhakov, R. Diversity and inclusivity beyond the ivory tower: let’s “make it happen”...together! (Blog). ERMeCC PhD Club. (Available: 17 December 2018)

  12. Gabdulhakov, R. “Kto takie tsentralnoaziaty?” (Who are Central Asians?) - Central Asian Analytical Network.

  13. Gabdulhakov, R. “What role for the EU in education and people-to-people contacts?” EU Central Asia Monitoring (EUCAM) essay competition winner.

  14. Gabdulhakov, R. Opinion Contributor to the China Policy Institute Blog. The University ofNottingham. Nottingham, England, UK.

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