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The world's first floating dairy farm is in Rotterdam

During my traditional late afternoon bike ride, I ran into something unusual - the world's first (and only?) floating dairy farm. Wow. This farm is located on the western tip of the city, right at the border with Schiedam. There are happy cows who can control technology at the farm (wtf?), there are happy farmers selling milk, yoghurt, butter and other fresh dairy products, and there are happy customers and passerby like myself. The production is sustainable and you can recycle the milk bottle right at the Marconiplein metro station nearby and at many other metro stations around the city. So, let's explore this crazy place!

"Milkman" sculpture and happy cows making their way into that floating farm
"Milkman" sculpture and happy cows making their way into that floating farm

I had to buy some milk, of course. Is it delicious, or what? Yes, it is perfect.

Some milk from the cows you look at

The many little harbours of the Port of Rotterdam are nearby.

Plastic cow, metal cow, real cows

Evidently, these cows control the machines that control them. No humans are involved, we only drink the final product. Rotterdam is a city that makes the future happen.

The "Milkman" scupture explained. Also, the cows are super tech savvy!

The "Milkman" sculpture is part of the "Let's get physical" sculpture walk currently featuring in the city. It's a very cool concept. I managed to check-out most of them, will share the entire walk (in my case, a bike ride) in one of the next posts.

A better view of the text

Here is another sculpture on the premises. This one is called "Kiss".


A better view of the "Kiss"

concept explanation for the "Kiss"

Little calves are chilling in the shade.

Cosy times

There is a little stall where the dairy products are sold. Milk 750 mil sells for 1.50 euro. They also have butter, I will try tomorrow. Butter sells at 2.50 euro for 220 grams and only one little bucket per family as it sells out fast.

Come visit if you are in town!

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