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Should I get a PhD?

Plovism launches a series of videos dedicated to the topic of obtaining a PhD. I will share my personal experience of finding, going through and defending PhD in the Netherlands. This is not an official tutorial.

I kick off the first session with a general discussion of whether you should or should not get a PhD. Some cons and some pros. In this specific order, so as to end on a relatively positive note.

A brief summary:


- PhD is time-consuming

- Chances of being overworked and underpaid are great

- It is a psychological burden

- Academia is toxic


- It can be rewarding if some of the stars align

- You get to explore a topic you are passionate about

- You have a job. In the Netherlands, it is predominantly employment, not studentship

- You have 3-4 years to become an expert in something

- If you want to work in academia, teach university-level courses and conduct research those two letters before your last name are essential

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