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"Navalny and beyond: Assessing protests in Russia" Roundtable VIDEO!

"The recent arrest and conviction of Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny ignited a heated debate about the political future of Russia. Navalny’s cunning use of social media and the wave of protests that emerged in the wake of his arrest raised questions about the sustainability of Putin’s reign."

I was honoured to partake in this roundtable that critically addressed the movement around Navalny, Russia’s political future, the role of traditional and digital media in protest activity, and the role of the EU in these domains.


  • Dmitry Goncharov (Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg)

  • Nina Bachkatov (University of Liège, editor of

  • Aliaksei Kazharski (Comenius University Bratislava)

  • Rashid Gabdulhakov (Erasmus University, Rotterdam)


  • Fabienne Bossuyt (faculty of Political and Social Sciences, UGent)

The event was organised by the Russia Platform UGent.

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