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My Soviet childhood in photos. Episode 1. "Militarism, sports, space"

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Some 30 years ago, taking a photo was a major event. My father mastered a Soviet camera and some of the warmest childhood memories involve developing those photos together in the darkroom (aka shower room). Still, sometimes we went to professional photo salons where we transformed into pilots, navy officers and Russian Hussars.

A classy photo outfit

Militarism was promoted widely. Luckily, I was able to avoid military service...

Singing Viktor Tsoy's "Gruppa Krovi" [Blood Type] song

Late 1980s were accompanied by inter-ethnic conflicts, which meant that soldiers - peacekeepers - were patrolling the streets. I made friends with them.

I was fascinated by people in unifroms

They let me wear their helmets. A bit heavy...

The damn thing is heavy!

But I liked other helmets too. Here is some hockey without ice or snow!

Everyone had a hockey stick stored on their balconies for some reason

More helmets...

Looking dazed, but prepared for anything!

And space exploration, of course!

Ready to depart for distant planets

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