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Let's make some Tatar goodies 'peremech'. VIDEO Recipe!

These are absolutely delicious open little meat pies that can be fried or baked. They are called 'peremech' and are the staple dish of Kazan Tatars. So, let's make some of this magic. To hell with the lockdown diets, one or two will not make any difference for the body, but might cure the soul!

Dough: flour, yeast, salt, water, olive oil. Mix, let rest.

While the dough is resting, make your filling.

Filling. Traditionally, ground beef mixed with minced onions is used. Salt the filling, add some black pepper.

Preparation. Roll out the dough and fill as is shown in the video. Shallow fry peremech in vegetable oil. It is critical to remember to place peremech hole side down. Otherwise, the juices will pour out and your hot oil can even catch fire. Be very careful. Let them shallow fry hole side down for 3 minutes or so and flip carefully. Fry for another 3 minutes. You can pour some oil into the hole with a spoon if you like. Serve hot!

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