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Bishkek in a few images

I am in Bishkek again ready to talk all things cybersecurity at the OSCE Academy. In the meantime, cruising around and being nostalgic.

In Bishkek, you can wander into a lovely brewery hidden behind trees in the basement of an old Soviet-era brutalist apartment building, randomly join strangers and converse for hours. The beer variety will easily compete with pubs in Europe.

Layers of history embedded in the façades. A city of contrasts and coexistences.

A masterpiece mosaic fountain. People on Facebook pages dedicated to nostalgia share memories of swimming in it as children.

Some images do exude smell. This is Bishkek after some lovely rain that settled the construction dust and car exhaust. The air is a with a hint of chalk, warm asphalt and freshness of the rain - delicious.

Erkindyk boulevard - high class in all respects.

So much past inside the present. Constitutional court.

Brutalism masterpieces.

Beautiful roses in the city centre.

Bishkek from the ferris wheel in Panfilov Park.

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