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Some paintings for Babushkas and Dedushkas

As part of the campaign to raise money for the Babushka Adoption Foundation, I gifted some paintings to people who made generous donations. The Foundation supports elderly people in Kyrgyzstan, who find themselves in a state of precarity. The amazing people who run Babushka Adoption help both babushkas and dedushkas (grandmas and grandpas) to live in dignity. Check out their work and please consider supporting.

Here I am sharing some of the paintings that were sent out to people. It was such a joy to make this happen. It was a long dream of mine to be able to share my art with others while supporting people in Central Asia. I would like to continue with the initiative. So, if you want a painting and are ready to make a difference in someone's life, please get in touch.

This one is called "Education" and it was sent off to Geneva, Switzerland.

Those who have visited Veve will recognize the fork. Also sent to Switzerland.

Spring in Uzbekistan is the best in the world. This is in my parent's neighbourhood. Some almond trees and typical Uzbek mahalla houses. This one is called "Guzal mahalla". Sent to Utrecht, the Netherlands.

"Amsterdam, my love II". Sharing some closeups. Was sent to Geneva.

"April snow in Groningen". Shared here, in the capital of the north. The new owner framed it already.

Paintings are ready to be shipped off!

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