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VIDEO! Crazy simple and simply magic Uzbek cuisine: "Basma" (pressed)

Basma (pressed) is a classic Uzbek dish. Often confused with 'damlama' - Basma is simple, yet magical. The key is to put the layers in the correct order, with the ingredients that require longer cooking entering the pot first. So, on the bottom of a thick pot lay thick slices of stewing beef. Add a drop of olive oil (the Uzbek version calls for lamb fat, as is shown in the video, but hey, it's quarantine time, let's opt for olive oil. Salt the meat and add cumin.

The next layer is a lot of sliced onions. Salt the onions too.

The next layer is the carrots.

Then potatoes.

Salt and cumin once again.

Make a 'lid' out of cabbage leaves. Cover with a plate (press a bit) and then with a lid, to create a thermos effect. Put on the lowest heat on the stove for 2 hours. The onions will slowly release their juices and cook the meat. Combined with spices this broth will steam the veggies. This simple and simply amazing. Enjoy.

P.S. You can also add large chunks of cabbage, sliced bell peppers, sliced tomatoes and garlic cloves as next layers. I bake the cabbage separately. Baked cabbage is really good!

The whole dish can also be made vegan! Skip the meat. Use olive oil. Same layers: potatoes, onions, carrots, salt, cumin, bell peppers, garlic, caggabe, salt, cumin. Cover with tin foil and make for 40 minutes. Crazy good!

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